>   Engineering

At Toro we provide our clients with engineering services to support their processes, including participation and counselling during the design, prototype preparation, testing, manufacturing or adaptation phases of the products. These are some of the areas involved in the Toro engineering team:

  • Design: we have a team of professionals with vast experience using 3D design technologies to ensure the accuracy of our work.
  • Prototype: we make our designs come alive. Prototypes are made using OEM materials and custom-made pieces.
  • Testing: by testing the prototypes we ensure the functionality, resilience, security and ergonomics of the product.
  • Manufacturing: the industrialization process is highly dependent on good design, logistics and exhaustive quality management. Industrial pre-series are essential to achieve these objectives.
  • Support: designs, tests and QA minimize maintenance needs, though these are not completely removed. Toro also provides a maintenance service for clients.
  • Upgrading, customization and adaptation: based on the previous points, we support and promote product integration, modification and improvement processes